Monday Morning Pop-Up Blocker

Monday Morning Pop-Up Blocker

“You’re calling me to lay aside the worries of my day. To quiet down my busy mind and find a hiding place. Worthy, You are worthy.” Jason Morant, Unashamed Love
It’s Monday morning and the to-do list for the week is stretching out endlessly before me. I have found Jason Morant’s words to ring especially true and crave the peace that they provide…quiet down your busy mind. Sometimes it’s my mind that wears me out. It tends to race, sparking new projects faster than my hands are able to complete them and thus adding to my to-do list and making me feel overwhelmed, and even incompetent sometimes as I never quite accomplish everything that I would like to. Hiding and soaking in the peace of Christ’s presence has become essential for unscrambling my thoughts and smoothing out the path before me, as well as providing insight into what God’s priorities are for me. This quiet rarely comes easily. I think that, like our computers, we need personal “pop-up blockers.” How many times do you find yourself interrupted when you are attempting to spend time with God? (Can you guess how many times I have been interrupted as I have worked on this post? It has taken me most of the morning!) These pop-ups come in many forms, either your own thoughts drifting or through someone else’s intrusion. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just put ourselves in a little protective bubble when we are spending time with God and block out all of the other distractions? We need to find our own “prayer closet.” For me this is running, but it could be your daily commute, a bench in the back yard, or the kitchen table. Jesus usually went to a secluded hillside. John Wesley’s mother is said to have sat in a chair and thrown her apron over her head as a sign to her kids to leave her alone. (I don’t know about any other moms out there but I have wanted to do this before and it had nothing to do with prayer, just escaping the kids bickering 🙂 ) The point is that the “closet” is free from interruption, distraction, and listening ears.

Stressed? Overwhelmed? Searching for something? I don’t know your struggle but I can PROMISE you if you spend time in the word of God you will find an answer and more than that, peace in that answer.

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