20130625-095928.jpgI press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus is calling us. (Phillipans 3:14, NLT)

Pastor Naeem Callaway, author of the blog “Spiritual Inspiration,” shared this and I found it so poignant I wanted to pass it along…
“One thing I’ve learned is that whenever life seems extra difficult, whenever it seems like the intensity has been turned up, that’s a sure sign that you are close to your victory. Whenever negative thoughts are bombarding your mind, or you’re tempted to get discouraged, that’s not the time to give up! That’s not the time to back down. That’s the time to dig your heels in. That’s the time to press on with a new attitude because you are closer than you think to your victory.”

It seems like sometimes we find ourselves in Satan’s cross hair, we are under direct spiritual attack.  Let me encourage you to keep fighting, keep running when you find yourself there!  Satan is a very strategic enemy but in studying God’s Word we can begin to understand the timing and strategy behind these attacks.  One of the prime times for Satan to attack is immediately before  a great blessing.

Satan knows he can’t stop your blessing but he won’t stop trying to spoil its arrival for you.  When he attacks you, his goal is to distract you from the course that God has placed you on.  He wants to discourage you, take your eyes off of God, off your victory.  With this understanding it becomes easier to see Satan for what he is, the great deceiver.  Instead of getting discouraged, I encourage you to begin to declare, “I’ve come too far to stop now! I’ve been through too much to turn back now. I realize the reason the intensity has been turned up is because I’m about to give birth to my dreams.”  Tell Satan to go to hell!

Friend, don’t allow the enemy to steal from you any longer! Instead, press on toward your finish line because you’ve come too far to give up now. Remember, God Almighty is with you, and He is leading and guiding you down the path of victory in every area of your life!

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