Love Runners and The do Good Studio

Love Runners and The Do Good Studio…

Down the block, or around the world, the need is desperate.  Love Runners and The Do Good Studio seek to be a community resource dedicated to meeting the needs of others, both locally and internationally.

We are “loving on” groups or individuals, one cause-driven project at a time. We desire to partner with organizations in an effort to help them do what they do better.  We are committed to making a real difference in the partners and places we invest Love Runners funds.

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Here’s the thing. I worked on these great, inspiring, succinct (this is my biggest struggle – I like words so much) mission statements that have lots of buzz words in them and wrap up my whole idea in a tidy little package and you can find them on the official Love Runners website, but let me just lay it out like this for you here. The world is a mess and my heart is breaking over the children who are caught in the crossfire of the myriad of ways that we’ve failed them. Kids sleeping on the streets, little ones digging through the trash for food, babies having babies, children forced into adulthood by the very fact that there is no adult there to take care of them. The kids on the fringes, outside our circle of our playdates and overnights and quiet neighborhood safety. But as my heart breaks over these things it is spilling out Mom Love.  It is getting all over my nice, comfortable, unmessy existence and really mucking things up.  Love in action has become the driving force in my day. I don’t want to continue living in apathy and indifference because we are not here to make an impression but instead to make a difference. I want to make a difference to these hurting, neglected, abused, sometimes prickly or troubled, often unnoticed kids.

I just want them to know how much they are loved. 

Enter Love Runners and The do Good Studio.

 We have been moved by compassion, to touch the lives of the marginalized and broken, giving what we can to meet their needs in tangible Love.

Wherever love is needed we seek to deliver it in whatever form we can.

However, we cannot achieve our goals alone.  Shop the Do Good Studio, make a tax deductible donation, or Contact Us to find out how you can help.




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