There’s No Place Like Home

 Some fun renovation/”never house” facts:
Sweatpants are my new best friend. I live in the woods and can go days without seeing anyone other than my children and husband so sweatpants it is. (This may make me a hermit.)

Also, hats are a great substitute for a haircut. This happened because I had gone 12 weeks between cuts while we were living in moving/renovation mode. (At least it grew through the awkward growing out phase unnoticed.)

We have at least 5 different colored outlets and faceplate covers. I know you might think they only make 3 colors but you would be wrong! And also, they are apparently mix and match!

Finally, we have a new pet. His name is Wally – because that is where he lives. In the wall (or possibly ceiling) in my bedroom. He (or she, species unknown) introduced himself to us at 12:30 am on the first night we stayed in the house. Phil and I were scrambling for our phone flashlights as he scurried across what we then thought was our floor. Frantically whispering, “What was that?!” And the most important question “Where is it?!” That night we heard him run down the length of the room and then a little while later, just as sleep was becoming a possibility again, across above our heads. Not a lot of sleep to be had the first couple nights as he continued to visit. I think we may have gotten rid of him or he has holed up elsewhere in the cold. Either way, living surrounded by nature is really super fun!!

I have been getting asked quite a bit if it feels like home yet. That’s a tough question to answer. I was struggling with what home was supposed to feel like. How am I supposed to feel? When will it not be weird and awkward to talk about our old house and fumble with what to call it, accidentally calling it home, and what to call our new house.

I have spent way too long turning this over and over analyzing all the things home should or shouldn’t be in my head and the most intelligent and witty way to share it.  But in reality I have nothing profound and this really shouldn’t be this hard.(Too many quiet hours spent in my hermitage and sweatpants, I guess. Or possibly all the paint fumes…)

The problem is that home is so many different things at so many different times in our lives. Home starts off with Mom and Dad, it’s where the house shaped picture of home gets formed. One becomes two and a new family, a new home, is born. Home is full of both friends and laughter. The walls will bear witness to both heartbreak and joy. Home is arguments and tears and forgiveness. Home is sometimes far away from where we are currently living, a place our heart longs to return to. Home is both memories and dreams for the future. Home can be a place to launch from or crash into. Its where we start our best days and end our worst ones. It’s built on a foundation of trust and love. Home is a reflection of who we are, constantly being rebuilt with every life change no matter where we live.

This place is now full of our stuff. These walls, decorated with our memories. We have been working hard to put our fingerprints all over it. Earlier this week Mom came over and helped me continue in our quest to get settled. She hung pictures in just the right spot. Rearranged the furniture and decorations just a touch so that it all came together. I knew she would…I was waiting for her, needed her continued influence on my home. And that night when the kids got home Ty walked in and said, “It feels like home.”

So, to answer the question, does it feel like home yet? Yeah…I guess it does. But don’t ask me what that really means…

What does home mean to you?

I am betting you are a little curious about my “never house” and some of our projects here. (I would be. I am nosy like that.) I was awful at taking before pictures. I wouldn’t remember until it was way too late. So here is a little peek at a few afters…


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