Just Say No…

to back to school!

This is a campaign that I feel like starting this year.  I want to JUST SAY NO! No, you can’t have my kids back yet. No, we are not going to be doing homework while the sun shines outside.  No, I am sorry, we just aren’t ready to check back into reality yet.  I need to have them for just a little bit longer.  Summer isn’t over yet, in fact, the weather is just now starting to feel like it’s arrived. The fun hasn’t all been had!

The back-to-school grumblings have been voiced by us all but the only tears this year have been mine. Another season of change lies ahead and the pieces of my babies that belonged to me becomes less and less every year and the letting go is so hard.

Can someone please tell me when this happened?  A whole decade has passed since our first, 1st day of school.

IMG_3614IMG_3613 Change…this is where our journey is going to begin and I would love to have you join me. This has been building in my heart over the last couple of weeks, “Project Choice” with ideas like Thankful Boxes and Everyday Letters.  It’s about trying to find your place again if you’ve lost your bearings.  It’s about sharing, and remembering, everyday life.  It’s about searching for something bigger than just comfortable.

But for this morning, before I clean up from our disjointed, first-day-back-trying-to-get-out-the-door-on-time-mess, I am going to take a moment and linger over these pictures and first day memories for a little bit. Mamas, it happens so fast, so just hold on.

And, because this is one of my favorites, every word of it ringing true in my heart…grab a tissue (or the whole box)

One thought on “Just Say No…”

  1. This resonated with me but on a different level. This time I am responding as “Mimi” (what my grandchildren call me). I am thinking back to their sweet faces when they were babies and then toddlers, and now as 5th and 6th graders and jr. high students, and a high school senior. My heart aches yet is excited for what lies ahead for them this school year. My heart thumps and bounces back and forth for my own daughters who are experiencing all kinds of emotions as they send their own children back to school this year. They are getting ready for empty nests and for watching their own dear children gradually slip out of their grasp. They are also excited to watch how God will work in their lives day by day.

    But, this is God’s plan. You still have some time to instill your values in them and remind them to say “thank you” and to be polite. You still have time to pray for them; asking your Heavenly Father to to walk with them and guide them.

    Trust in the Lord and be a prayer warrior for your families.

    Judy Dilling

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