On the fourth day of Christmas….

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/d91/52554424/files/2014/12/img_1799.jpgThe third day of Christmas brought a mild stomach bug so here we are on the fourth day of Christmas. In our countdown that means that there are 8 days until Christmas. Does that make you excited in a “how-much-longer-do-I-have-to-wait” kind of way or sick in a “I-still-have-way-too-much-to-do” kind of way.

No matter which camp you find yourself in on this subject we can all agree that waiting is hard! However, waiting is what is at the core of Advent. Not waiting for a pile of gifts on Christmas morning but waiting, and preparing, for The Gift.

If you find yourself waiting on God for answers this season, if you are waiting for Him to show up, then you are in good company. Many of us find ourselves torn this season by the agony of “the wait.” I read this recently in the devotional Waiting Here For You, An Advent Journey of Hope and wanted to share it’s encouragement with those who may find themselves in the waiting room this season.

A Savior had been promised to God’s people for centuries. They longed and prayed for rescue. And then on the right day, in the right place, at the right time, Jesus was born. While God rarely comes at our appointed time, He always comes at the right time.

All of us are waiting on something, often wondering if God has forgotten us. In your waiting, let the birth of Christ encourage you. Just because God hasn’t come through (as far as you can see), it doesn’t mean He has abandoned you. To Him a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years are like a day. This very minute He’s working for His glory and for your good. Though circumstances say otherwise, God is going to come through, on schedule, fulfilling His long-appointed plans for you. Don’t give up before the time is right.

Take hope in the manger and know that you are loved and prized by the God who stepped down from heaven and arrived at the perfect time for you.

Father, meet me in the waiting, the place where I long for what is not fully in view. Still my heart and give me the ability to know that You are near. I believe Your plans are good. I see it in the birth of Your only Son.

But sometimes I struggle to see beyond the haze that surrounds me. Renew my confidence as I lift my eyes to You. Be glorified in my life during this season of expectation. Amen.

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