A Not-So-Spooky Scary Story

An appropriate excerpt from my book, Run and Be Still…

A few years later, one night close to Halloween, my 5 year old son and I decided to take a “spooky” four-wheeler ride though the “haunted” woods. He was snuggled up on my lap with just a flashlight to light the woods around us. Venturing deeper into the woods he became more and more frightened. The flashlight’s beam could only illuminate small slices of all that was around us, leaving much to the imagination. For him it was exhilarating and terrifying at the same time and as much as he wanted it to end, he also loved it. As I thought about that night ride I came to understand that the darkness that surrounds us, and terrified my son, is much like the larger journey that we are all on. Here on Earth we fear many enemies. Some imagined, and others real. We lock our doors and turn on alarms. My son hoped that something wouldn’t jump out of the darkness from beyond our path. Isn’t that the same fear that all of us have? Having to face those unexpected events that spring out of the darkness and catch us totally unprepared. Don’t we struggle with putting one foot in front of the other when we can’t see the path, when we are only able to see the “small slices” as we try to move forward? David Jeremiah said “The purpose of the places in which we lose our vision is to strengthen our faith.” This truly is what it means to walk by faith, and although we desperately long for God to shine a floodlight on the path so that we are able to see the entirety of His plan, if He did, what use would there be for faith? Faith would have no reason to exist, for faith is needed for what we can’t see and can’t touch. Faith is what we use to battle the creatures, those life altering events, that we fear are hiding just beyond our vision in the dark.

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One thought on “A Not-So-Spooky Scary Story”

  1. Pastor Bill mentioned in a sermon that the Word of God is a “lamp” for our feet, not a high-beam flashlight. He went on to say that while we all want a high-beam so we can see farther down the path, what we have is a lamp. A lamp and faith. I often think of this when my path is dark. I appreciate the reminder today.

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