Drip. Sip. Do Good. (I am giving away free coffee in exchange for your brain power.)

  Please help!  The Do Good Studio and Good Coffee (actually it’s fabulous) have two different single origin coffees (I may have mentioned them 😉) that we are excited to introduce but before we do they need a snappy new name. (I was just going to go with their “scientific” names, Caranavi and Muungano, but decided to do something a little more fun and easy to pronounce.) The problem is my creativity is overdrawn right now, there just isn’t anything left to draw from. What’s in it for you? FREE COFFEE! All you have to do is hop on over to the Love Runners Facebook page, like us (please) and add your suggested name(s) in the comments on the We Need Your Help Post. If we choose your suggested name for one of the blends, a freshly roasted, newly named, bag of unbelievable goodness will be on it’s way to you. You have until Monday to submit your ideas. On your mark. Get set. GO!

If you want to stay up to date with everything that is happening with Do Good and Love Runners please join the Do Good community or like Love Runners on Facebook.   All of our product information (including a members only sneak peak at the product line-up) will be transitioning over there. 

Do something Good today!

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