Going Old School To Start

If you haven’t yet read In Love With Doing Good, please do, it will bring you up to speed.

I want to begin introducing you to The Goods that will soon be for sale in The Studio and I am starting in a most humble way with basic Red Thread…a simple friendship bracelet whose roots have really gotten to me. I have made many, many of these in my younger years and once again I have one adorning my wrist. But let me weave you a story and you will hopefully understand why.

In some villages in Nepal, the climate and soil conditions are so difficult that families can only grow enough food for two months of the year. Men from the villages go to India to find work while many women are left at home with their children, unable to support themselves because they lack skills and education.

The girls and young women in these villages are especially vulnerable to sex traffickers who deceive them into believing they will help them get a legitimate job. Eternal Threads is providing vocational training in tailoring to “at risk” girls in villages giving them the skills to earn an income that will protect them from exploitation and give them hope for a better life.

The statistics on trafficking are somewhat conflicting due to the covert nature of the crime, the invisibility of victims and are often simply unavailable due to under-reporting.   

I am not an expert on the subject but I can tell you this hit home with me as I looked at my beautiful young daughter who fits precisely within the demographic of what traffickers are looking for. It is physically sickening. If she were taken she would have 1% chance of being rescued and a 7 year life expectancy once she entered the trade. This criminal enterprise is second only to drugs bringing in an estimated $32 billion a year, $88 million a day. In the U.S. there are as many as 300,000 underage girls being sold.

In cooperation with our partners, Eternal Threads and the Red Thread Movement are able to help save over 2,000 girls a year from traffickers. Rescued girls, who live in the safe houses from six months to a year, are not only given counseling, but also receive vocational tailoring and beautician training.  

These hand woven bracelets from Nepal are made by rescued girls in the safe houses. Your purchase of their goods gives them lifesaving income that they can save to start their business when they leave the safe house. 


This is something that only cost a few dollars but hasn’t left my wrist since I got it. I can’t help but think of the very real person on the other end of this story when I look at my wrist and Thank God that she was rescued while at the same time offering a prayer for those who we have yet to save. 

Visit The Do Good Studio and be the first to know when these bracelets will be available. Please join me in the Red Thread Movement. 


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