“Care Like A Boss”

This was forwarded to me this morning in response to my post, More Than Good Intentions.  My mind cannot even fathom what this must be like.  My heart is not big enough to hold all of the emotion that spills out when, even just for a split second, I let myself feel what these mothers must feel.  I just can’t.  This is happening, this is real.  This is a picture of what our world looks like whether we choose to see it or blissfully ignore it and it breaks my heart. My  poor heart runs away with my head, and I would love to jump on a plane and run off to Greece to be on the front lines to love on these poor, terrified people but I know that is an impossibility.  Instead, my burdened heart is filled with prayer for them.  It becomes a wake up call to be so thankful for the life that I have here, to have my eyes opened to all of the things we take so easily for granted.  And I think back to Ann VosKamps words:

We aren’t where we are, to just peripherally care about the people on the margins as some superfluous gesture or token nicety. The exact reason why you are where you are — is to risk everything for those being oppressed out there.

You are where you are — to help others where they are. The reason your hands are where they are in this world — is to give other people in this world a hand.

Caring isn’t a Christian’s sideline hobby. Caring is a Christian’s complete career. We don’t just care about people — caring about people is our job — the job every single one of us get up to do every single day. That’s it. Caring is our job, our point, our purpose. We’re here to care like a boss.

The world needs people who defy cynical indifference by making a critical difference — and that could be us.

Every single one of us can start changing headlines when we start reaching out our hands.

Since we can’t all jump on a plane to the front lines, will you join me in praying for those who are there in places all around the world, reaching out their hands?

P.S. Maybe, just maybe, some of our Shoeboxes will find their way to these refugees.

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